Tres Leches Cake Recipe

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Welcome to the Cook with Sha family !!!
Among all types of cakes you have tasted ,what is the
best ?
Can’t it be a Tres Leches cake ? Try this recipe !


For The Cake
Cake flour 450 g
Granulated sugar 500 g
Baking powder 2 tsp
Salt 2 tsp
Vanilla extract 15 ml
Unsalted butter ( room temperature ) 250 g
Sour cream ( room temperature ) 85 ml
Whole milk ( room temperature ) 350 ml
8 Large egg whites ( room temperature )

For The 3 Milk Mixture
Whole milk 170 ml
Evaporated milk 350 ml
Condensed milk 350 ml

For The Frosting
Whipping cream 600 ml
Icing sugar 128 g
Mascarpone cheese 250 g
Vanilla extract 1 tsp



Mixture A
Add cake flour and sugar into a sieve.
Sift them into bowl .
Add the baking powder , salt and mix them well.
Keep the mixture aside .

Mixture B
Put the sour cream and the whole milk into a bowl.
Then pour vanilla extract and egg whites into it.
All these ingredients should be at room temperature .
Mix them well.

Mixture C
Take the mixture A.
Add unsalted butter at the room temperature and beat well.
Next add mixture B and beat again .

Add this beated mixture into a cake pan.
Get them baked at 350F for 40 minutes .


Mix whole milk , evaporated milk and condensed milk in a large bowl.


Pour the whipping cream into a large bowl .
Into this bowl , add half amount of icing sugar you have taken.
Beat well.
Then add the other half of icing sugar .
Give it an another beat until peak form .
Add mascarpone cheese into this combination and mix well.
Now the mixture for the frosting is with you ..


Get the baked cake in the cake pan.
Make several pores using a fork on top of the cake.
Then pour the milk mixture onto the cake.
The cake will be soaked with the milk.
Then spread the frosting mixture on the cake.
Garnish as you wish..
Now time taste your delicious Tres Leches cake !!!
How taste is it friend ?
Let me know in the comment section ..

I am Sha !!!

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